Transformation Tuesday Inspo

This is my Transformation Tuesday story…umm in reverse? My weight has always been a very sensitive topic for me, but I decided to share it in the hopes of helping someone else that may feel the same. I always struggled with weight my whole life. I’m Italian, so carbs have always been a huge part of my life and a huge contribution to my hips! I tried so many diets as a young teen into adulthood. Yo-yo diets, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, diet pills, the Military Diet (basically starvation). Of course they all helped me lose weight, but nothing was ever consistent. I always gained the weight back and even sometimes more! Even workouts I think I tried them all; gym workouts, home workouts, OTF, kickboxing, yoga (the list could go on forever). As I got older, I realized I was trying to lose weight for all the WRONG reasons. I was trying to always please people, I was trying to “fit” into this social media world where a size zero is considered “beautiful”. Let’s face it that will never be me, these hips don’t lie! Even when I lost 80 pounds and was at my smallest (guess which picture that is), I still was not happy with myself. Second picture above, I gained all my weight back plus a little more and I was 8 months pregnant. I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt! Huge, unattractive, like an elephant (just to name a few). But let me tell you, and all the women out there that may be feeling the same way, this weight gain and these stretch marks created life! My daughter has been my biggest and most rewarding accomplishment in my life, and I would go through it all again if I had to! I just want you all to know, whatever your weight loss challenge may be YOU CAN DO IT! Let’s hold each other accountable and get the work done! I am currently on DAY 2 of my weight loss journey and I am so excited to update you guys with my progress πŸ™‚

Comment below with any questions or if you want me to share what I’m doing to lose the weight and keep it off!

19 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday Inspo

  1. Nadia I look forward to following you each day of your weight loss journey. You are an inspiration to women of all ages, myself included. I know you as a strong and determined woman….can’t wait to see your transformation πŸ’ͺ😊


  2. Nadia, I have been exactly where you are. I, like many of us, struggled with weight gain but you are taking the very first step towards a healthier lifestyle. That’s awesome! If you need help, I’m willing to share my meal plan from my gym with you along with some recipes that you can modify to your liking. Just message me. Look forward to your next post.

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  3. You can do this, I know it will take time. You are a beautiful young lady. One step at a time. Don’t get discouraged. Give yourself small goals. Celebrate all the small wins. X​


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