Does anyone ever have this mom life figured out??? Personally, it’s so hard to find a balance between mom duties and everything else I have to do in my life. Don’t get me wrong its the most rewarding job, but it never stops!!!! Feedings, bath time, laundry, more laundry, tummy time, daily exercies…when is there any time for MOM! One of the hardest things I have found about being a new mom, is finding time for myself. I think it is so important for us mom’s to take care of ourselves as well.

I wanted to share one of the most important things I have learned so far….PREPARATION IS KEY! Being prepared makes things so much easier and leaves a little time for us mom’s. I like to have my daughters bag always packed, once I get home from a long day out with her I make sure to re-pack her bag. So the next outing doesn’t require any preparation, just get the baby ready and out the door! I also have found that meal prepping for myself and my husband during the week helps me stay on track. Working out 9 o’clock at night is hard enough, I don’t need to worry about cooking dinner as well!

What do you guys do to make #yourlives a little easier???